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At Learna, many of our world-leading professors and tutors are highly recognised in their speciality and we are honoured to have them encourage and challenge our students at every stage.

We had the pleasure of speaking with Sertip Zangana, tutor for our brand new Medical Oncology programme and he told us about his extensive background and gave some insightful advice to those considering the programme and also expressed his excitement to start tutoring in November...

Tell us a few interesting facts about yourself.

I am a medical doctor and educator by background and profession.
Clinically, I have worked in General and Acute Medicine, Medical Oncology, Emergency Medicine, Health Care of the Elderly and Stroke Medicine, Cardiology, Neurosurgery, General and Colorectal Surgery and Psychiatry in hospitals across the NHS, including Cambridge University Hospitals, Aintree University Hospitals and Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.

Academically, I have worked as a Senior Lecturer, Principal Lecturer and Programme Director across several universities including the University of Liverpool, Edge Hill University, University of Bradford and at the University of Hertfordshire. Within these roles, I have delivered, organised and led the teaching and assessment in the programmes across both undergraduate, postgraduate and post-qualification medical and health education programmes. Within my various roles, I have had the privilege to teach, work and develop partnerships with many colleagues across the NHS and Higher Education landscape and I hope that I will be able to bring these experiences into my role as tutor on this new Postgraduate Diploma and MSc in Medical Oncology.

What made you decide to tutor on the medical oncology programme?

I was motivated by the amazing team and repertoire of modules, programmes and learning opportunities at Learna. This led me to want to engage directly with and contribute to this amazing oncology degree and to work with interesting, talented and passionate colleagues and students.

What excites you the most about teaching on this course?

This cancer oncology course will help you to lay the foundations and fortify your skills and provide you with the opportunity to explore your own practice, with new ideas, new insights and new knowledge that you can then apply in your own practice.

The most exciting part of this course is the opportunity that it provides for colleagues and students across the world to engage directly with each other and learn together to build professional relationships. The excitement of learning in collaboration, each with their own experiences, expertise and different modes of practice, within different systems of healthcare and education is an extraordinary opportunity that this course and the other courses at Learna provide.

With your extensive experience in this field, what personality traits do you think are important when working in medical oncology?

All types of oncologists, above all else, must demonstrate empathy and trust. These are the characteristics and qualities that one must possess to be able to build a successful and rewarding career in medical oncology. You will come across, both in this course, and in your own practice, all manner of individuals, families and carers who come to you at a time of need and when they might be at their most vulnerable.

Your professional approach, your communication, your understanding, your patience, empathy, knowledge and skills are the key elements of building the trusting and professional relationship that you need with your patients, their families and carers in order to be able to support, care for and treat your patients. In addition, it is essential that you are able to work within the much wider and dynamic multi-disciplinary team of healthcare professionals who contribute to the overall care of the patient and their journey from the community, into the hospital and back to the community.

Who do you think will benefit the most from joining this course?

One of the greatest benefits of joining this course is the opportunity that you will have to learn much more about not only the field of oncology, but also within the context of the NHS and the UK healthcare system. One of the other great advantages of this course is the opportunity that it provides you to build connections and expand your network with your peers and in doing so, the opportunity to learn from each other, and each other's experiences, expertise, knowledge, ideas and insights.

And finally, in going through this journey with us, hopefully, you will learn something about yourself as well. Nothing is more exciting than pushing your boundaries, taking yourself out of your comfort zone and taking on a new challenge which is what this course delivers.

We are now accepting applications for our November 2022 intake for our Medical Oncology Programme. Apply now for the best chance of securing your place on this highly sought-after course.

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