Child Growth Awareness Day (20th September 2021)

Published: 16th January 2023

We developed a QOTD activity for Child Growth Awareness Day (20th September 2021) for UK-based Primary Care Physicians and Endocrinologists.

The campaign was sponsored by Novo Nordisk and endorsed by the Child Growth Foundation, aimed to raise awareness among HCPs of child growth conditions, promoting early diagnosis and treatment.

The activity consisted of a clinical case scenario followed by a set of multiple choice questions that related to the diagnosis, management and monitoring of the patient.

On submission of their answers, respondents were provided with the correct answers, model explanations, and signposting to landmark publications and the latest guidelines.

In addition, participants were awarded 0.5 hours of accredited CPD by the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine.


Partners Testimonials

novo nordisk

"The Growth Awareness Day campaign educated those that are best placed to answer carer/parent concerns. Learna's QOTD campaign was a very effective way of educating HCPs using patient case scenarios, making them better placed to answer parents/patients questions and concerns, or refer to a qualified specialist for investigation."

Gareth Davies, Head of Rare Endocrine Disorders | Novo Nordisk

Child growth foundation

"We were delighted to be involved in Learna's Child Growth Awareness Day QOTD. A clever, engaging and effective way to spread awareness and understanding.”

Neil Hunter, Development Manager | Child Growth Foundation

PM Society Awards 2022

We were honoured to be Finalists in the category 'Effectiveness - HCP Education' at the PM Society Awards 2022 for our Child Growth Awareness 'Question of the Day' Educational Campaign.