The Learna Team

Prof Steve Davies

Founding Director

Prof Davies is a Consultant Endocrinologist at the University Hospital Wales. He has an established reputation in medical education particularly in online learning, having been the founder of and setting up a number of diploma courses. He has also been involved in establishing training courses for weight management in community pharmacy.

His clinical interests include hypogonadism, growth hormone deficiency and obesity. He has published over 100 peer reviewed publications and his research interests include the application of novel technologies in delivering medical education.

Courtenay Probert

Chief Operating Officer

After disposing of his concern in iPassExam, Courtenay joined the Learna team in 2016. Courtenay had previously worked with Prof. Davies as the key decision maker for planning, design, and development of OnExamination's technical infrastructure.

OnExamination was integrated within the BMJ Group when it was acquired in 2007. Here Courtenay was promoted to the role of CIO/Deputy Managing Director. During his time with O/E, Courtenay was directly responsible for delivering 60% growth.

Today Courtenay is the C.O.O. of Learna Ltd. He is responsible for the business strategy, organisational operations/staffing, sales and marketing, technical infrastructure. Since joining the Learna, Courtenay has overseen a growth of over 300% in: the number of programs, turnover and staff numbers.

Ruth Davis

Academic Director

Ruth has spent her career in nursing and education. She has worked clinically in Torquay, Southampton and Cardiff, developing a specialist expertise in diabetes. She has lectured in Cardiff and at the University of Glamorgan, eventually becoming Head of Care Sciences at the University of South Wales (USW). In 2010, while at USW, she facilitated the development of a partnership between the USW and Learna and became a consultant Academic Director at Learna, overseeing the development and quality of courses.

Her research and publications have been mainly in the areas of diabetes and role development. She is currently a member of Nursing Now(Cymru/ Wales) and heads up a Welsh Government sponsored nursing leadership development programme in Uganda. She is involved in various faith - based charities in the UK and Uganda, and enjoys gardening, cooking and ornithology.


Rachel Probert

Commercial Manager

With a background in Digital Marketing, Sales, and Account Management, Rachel quickly settled in to her new role with Learna as our Contracts Manager.

After successfully running three companies, one of which recently sold(, Rachel works with sponsors of Medical SCE resources, to collaborate on new and exciting projects for Learna.

Rachel loves change, challenges and adventures. In her spare time, she likes travelling and trying new foods.

Rachel Davies

StudyPRN Brand Manager

Rachel joined Learna in early 2019 as a Marketing Assistant. After quickly making her mark, Rachel has now joined our Contracts team, where she works with our partners on new and exciting projects that supports the business.

Rachel was born and raised in Wales, and speaks fluent Welsh. She’s a prolific globetrotter, and has visited over 25 countries so far!


Sam Roads

Marketing Manager

Graduating from Cardiff University with a degree in Music Composition, Sam founded three Welsh gaming businesses: Harlequin Games, Games Systems International and Microcosm Games. During this time he designed and ran the official game of The Lord of the Rings on Facebook.

Following this he was editor in chief of Creative Screenwriting Magazine, and then worked in the Google Digital Garage, teaching digital marketing skills.

Now Sam is our marketing manager, responsible for promoting Learna and bringing even more students to our courses.

In his free time he writers graphic novels.

Aled Nelmes

Digital Marketer

Born in Abergavenny, grown in Pembrokeshire and made in Cardiff; Aled Nelmes is a Digital Marketer based in central Cardiff. Aled’s journey in marketing reached a high level after joining Google’s Digital Garage team in Cardiff whilst in second year of University.Aside from campaigning for Men’s Mental Health with ‘Cry With Me Lads’ Aled now works for Wales’ leading online educator; Learna LTD.With a ‘Why- first’ marketing policy, Aled’s marketing aims for the emotion rather than manipulation through SEO, Social Media Marketing and Sales.

Jodie Pride

Content Marketer

As our resident Content Marketer, Jodie is responsible for blogs, website content, journalism, emails and all things wordy. She also dabbles in the fine art of SEO.

Before joining Learna she worked as a freelance copywriter in the tech industry. After discovering the solitary life of working from home wasn’t for her, she wanted to become part of a busy, sociable team. Attracted to the idea of working in healthcare and education, she found Learna.

Outside of work Jodie enjoys arts and crafts, ice hockey, and gaming(both board and digital). She is a lover of dogs and the outdoors, and can often be found adventuring around the Welsh countryside.

Rob Wiley

Digital Marketer

As our youngest team member, Rob started in spring 2017 as a part-time editor. Over the years Rob has transferred from various positions within Diploma-MSc, and most recently joined the marketing team as a Digital Marketer.

While working for us Rob is also studying his A Levels at St David's College with a view to pursue Computer Science at university.

Rob has a passion for IT and recently built his own PC to pursue this further.


Sarah Younger

Operations Manager

Sarah joined Learna in June 2018. Before joining us she worked in administration in the Paediatrics Department for Powys, based at Brecon War Memorial Hospital, where she developed a high regard for the many HCPs involved in comprehensive care. As our Operations Manager, Sarah ensures the smooth running of departments and enjoys looking after her teams.

In her spare time Sarah reads and reads and reads, most particularly SF.


Lynsey Liscombe

Applications Manager

Lynsey has been working at Learna since December 2015 and is the Admissions Manager. Lynsey’s role is to ensure the smooth running of the Admissions Team who are the first point of contact for all queries regarding the courses. The team provide assistance to potential students during the application process to ensure the experience is stress-free.

The majority of our students are international which keeps her job very interesting as she gets to speak with people from all over the world on a daily basis and from various backgrounds. Lynsey is proud to be part of such a wonderful and caring team.

In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family and is kept very busy by her children.

Tom Rees

Applications Officer

Tom joined Learna in June 2018 as an Applications Officer, where he ensures student applications are processed smoothly and quickly.

Tom is currently studying Law with International Relations at the University of Portsmouth, and enjoys watching and playing football in his spare time.

Student Support

Robyn-Tahnee Moss

Student Support Manager

Robyn joined Learna in early 2019 as a Student Support Administrator. After thriving in her role, Robyn was recently made the team's manager. She is responsible for managing her team and ensuring that each student is supported throughout their learning journey.

Emma Knight

Senior Student Support Administrator

Emma studied Chemistry in the University of Southampton. She has previously run her own IT business and uses these skills in her current role to assist students to the best of her ability.

She likes rambling in the Welsh countryside, admiring art in local galleries and looking after the office plants!

Megan Welch

Senior Student Support Administrator

Megan joined Learna in February 2019 as a Temporary Student Support Administrator. She flourished within the team and working environment and quickly was taken on full time. Megan has since been promoted to Senior Student Support Administrator in September 2019. She faces every student query with a smile, and enjoys working in a Higher Education Environment alongside her team members.

Megan has a BA and an MA in History with a specialty in the History of Medicine. In her free time she loves visiting museums, going to concerts and dancing.

Abbie Moore

Student Support Administrator

After graduating from Swansea University in 2017, Abbie volunteered and then worked for the Stroke Association. In July 2019, Abbie joined Learna as a Student Support Administrator. Abbie settled into her new role with ease, and now looks after students with a smile! She loves working in the Student Support team and talking with different students from around the world every day.

In her free time, Abbie enjoys listening to live music, socialising with her friends and family and visiting new places.

Oliver Portillo

Student Support Administrator

Oliver joined Learna in July 2019 as a Student Support Administrator. Quickly becoming immersed in his role, he is always keen to assist and advise students with their concerns and the situations they may face. He thoroughly enjoys working at Learna, feeling welcomed by his friendly team and other departments.

Oliver has a BA and MA in English Literature, has several poems published, and hopes one day to publish a novel. In his free time, he likes to socialise with friends, explore museums and art galleries, with most of his time being taken up with his two dogs.

Tutor Resources

Jason Cortese

Tutor Resource Officer

Jason joined Learna in September 2019 as a Tutor Resource Officer. Jason quickly settled into his new role, and is now managing and supporting tutors through their teaching journey.

Before Jason joined Learna he was a science teacher, but he decided to try something new. In working within tutor resources, Jason can still be part of the education sector, while bringing a unique perspective of prior teaching experience to the team!

Outside of work he enjoys running, hiking and going to the gym.

Alex Polkey

Tutor Resource Officer

Alex joined Learna in 2019 and his job is to find the best of the best to teach our courses.

Before joining, he graduated from the University of Bath with a degree in politics, spent a year working in a lycée in Brittany, and another doing community relations work in his home country of Northern Ireland.In his spare time he likes going to language exchanges and drinking the occasional stout.


Catherine Wildblood

Quality Assurance Manager

Catherine has worked for Learna since 2014 and has recently moved from her role as Student Support Manager to Quality Assurance Manager.

Catherine responsibilities include orchestrating student results and Award Boards at the University of South Wales, Student Remediation and Continuous Monitoring/ Annual Reporting for our collaborative partners.

In her spare time, Catherine enjoys music, reading, and socialising with her friends and family.


Catherine Southgate

Editorial Manager

Catherine began working at Learna in January 2015 and heads up the Editorial Team - working with authors to provide course and resource content for both the Learna and StudyPRN platforms.

Catherine really enjoys working in a busy friendly team and relishes the challenge of helping to bring our courses to life and feels it's a fulfilling role to be part of a company that aims to improve the knowledge of medical professionals worldwide. Like most of the team, her highlight to date has been winning 'Best Online Distance Learning Programme' at the e-learning awards.

Catherine's day to day work is very varied and she loves the opportunity of working alongside authors from a range of medical specialties and backgrounds.

In her spare time Catherine loves to go running and to spend time with her family and friends.

Josh Curtis

Senior Editor

Josh joined the Learna team in June 2018 and soon became part of the family with his quick wit and kind nature. Having rapidly proven himself a crucial part of the team, Josh made the leap from Business Development to our Editorial Team.

As Senior Editor, Josh reviews and commissions our course material. His keen eye for detail and hard- working attitude saw his new team welcome him with open arms. The office certainly wouldn't be the same without him!

Hollie Janaway

Editorial Assistant

Having joined the Learna Editorial Team in 2019, Hollie quickly settled in with both her team and her role. From commissioning and editing the course materials to building relationships with authors, no two days are the same and she enjoys every minute of it.

In Hollie’s spare time she writes creatively, dreams of starring on the West End and drinks a lot of coffee(although she does the latter during work hours, too).

Sarah Davies

Recruitment Officer

Sarah joined the team originally in 2016 then left us for a few years to study a Physiotherapy degree full-time. She re-joined the team in 2019 and has flourished within the recruitment department. Sarah’s role is to recruit tutors and authors for both current and new courses.

Sarah is a fluent Welsh speaker, an avid gym goer, enjoys filming content for her YouTube channel and socialising with her friends!


Emra Durgun

Finance Officer

Emra has recently joined Learna as a Finance Officer, and now supports our students with any financial queries they may have. Initially studying marketing at university, she has been working within finance for over 13 years, and is currently studying to become a qualified accountant.

Born in Turkey, Emra has been living in the UK for almost 20 years, where she is kept busy by her young twin boys!

Business Development

Sarah Wiley

Head of Business Development

Sarah has much experience working in business, after completing her Maths degree she established a career in Investment Banking and Management Consultancy before moving on to Medical Education. With On-Examination, she project managed the launch of the Cardiff University Diabetes Diploma then launched the University of South Wales Postgraduate Diplomas and MScs in 2010. Sarah now heads up the Business development department for the business.

Sarah thrives in establishing and developing new projects and is always looking for the next educational opportunity to develop the knowledge and skills of healthcare professionals. In her spare time she enjoys dancing Ceroc.

Nathan Rubin

Business Development Officer

Nathan is Learna's Business Development Officer, supporting the development of new courses and new business projects. He soon hit the ground running within his new role and has become an asset to the team.

Outside of work, Nathan can be found in the nearest gym as his biggest hobby is bodybuilding! He also plays the guitar and clarinet, and dreams of being a contestant on Come Dine with Me one day.


Josh Ellis

Junior Software Developer

Josh joined Learna in November 2017, and quickly earned himself the role of IT Technician. Most recently, Josh is our new Junior Software Developer and his role involves the maintenance and development of Learna's IT systems. His calming and organised nature makes him a perfect fit for the role and no job is too big or too small.

In his spare time, Josh is a music enthusiast and enjoys playing the drums.

Alan Viirna

IT Technician

Alan graduated from the University of South Wales in 2018, with a Bachelor of Science in ICT. Previously, Alan worked freelance as a web-developer with a self-established skill-set in different development languages and graphical design.

With Learna, Alan uses his IT skills to help him to maximise the efficiency of his tasks and delivery of projects. He is also in charge of making sure that all the informational and technological needs of the company are satisfied.

In his free time Alan enjoys digital music production, graphical design, animals and several outdoor activities.

Osian Barr-Franco

Moodle Course Administrator

Osian has been working at Learna since October 2018. Initially working within our Student Support Team, Osian recently made the move to our tech team. He prepares and quality checks our online learning platform, and provides technical assistance to our students. He has found a role that challenges him and has allowed him to develop both professionally and personally.

Osian enjoys watching and playing football.He is an avid Cardiff City supporter. He also enjoys road cycling and occasionally plays online multiplayer games

Staff Liaison

Tera Byte

Senior Morale Officer

Tera joined the team in 2019. Her primary duty is raising team optimism levels by increasing team endorphins through the medium of desk-based therapeutic petting.

In her spare time, Tera enjoys keeping fit through various forms of quadrupedal exercise, including flyball, agility and feline pursuits.

She is also a lover of molecular gastronomy, enjoying the aromas and tastes of anything she steals from the bin.