Online courses in Expedition and Wilderness Medicine

Expedition and wilderness medicine is a new and rapidly evolving specialty. Increasingly, the remote areas of the world are being explored by organised travel, small groups and societies. Whether a charity event scaling Mount Kilimanjaro, a bike ride across North America or filming in Patagonia, there is increasingly a need for these expeditions to be accompanied by a healthcare professional. Using over a decade of experience in the delivery of online, award-winning, extreme medicine courses, has been developed to help healthcare professionals acquire the requisite skills in this emerging specialty.

The expedition medicine course has been designed for any health professional who is interested in developing their credentials in the specialty.

Our experienced faculty have designed our expedition medicine courses to help you prepare for expeditions and also the physiological and pathological impacts of expeditions in remote and extreme locations. Our expedition wilderness course is valuable to all healthcare professionals wishing to progress their career in providing clinical support on expeditions and in remote locations.