The 7 New Wonders of Learna | Diploma MSc


This November, Learna | Diploma MSc is proud to introduce SEVEN brand new, groundbreaking, online, part time, Postgraduate Certificates in current topics in healthcare - with just a 6-month completion time for each certification.

As a leading provider of postgraduate medical education, Learna | Diploma MSc strives to stay ahead, incorporating the latest innovations and advancements in the healthcare industry into their curricula and ensuring programmes meet the ever-evolving demands of the healthcare sector.

Enter our brand new suite of 7 cutting-edge Postgraduate Certificates, tailored to meet rising demands among GPs, doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals, with a focus on providing in-depth specialised knowledge in niche areas.

From the highly publicised topic of Menopause Medicine, to Metabolic Medicine which is currently seeing a demand spike, or the new and evolving Anti-Ageing Medicine, there really is a wealth of specialist expertise to be gained from these new qualifications.

Our 7 groundbreaking new postgraduate certificates are akin to the 7 wonders of the world, each representing a pinnacle of innovation. As we continue to redefine medical education, these new PGCerts stand out as unique achievements in the world of healthcare, each serving rising patient demand, developed in line with the latest advancements. All of these programmes are open to students worldwide, reaching all corners of the globe just like the 7 wonders.

These qualifications are now validated by the University of South Wales - subject to conditions, with applications being accepted for the upcoming March 2024 intake.

An Insight into the New Online Postgraduate Certificate Courses

Anti-Ageing Medicine
A rapidly evolving field within medical specialties, this PGCert in Anti-Ageing Medicine entails a unique combination of aesthetics, disease prevention and health promotion. This programme offers healthcare professionals the opportunity to improve patient outcomes and overall quality of life in an ageing patient population.

Visit our Anti-Ageing Medicine course page to learn more and take the next steps to enhance your knowledge base in physiology, biology, epigenetics and aesthetics relating to longevity medicine.

Menopause Medicine
As an increasingly publicised topic, emphasis has grown on the importance of healthcare professionals possessing the required skills to recognise menopausal symptoms and provide appropriate management.

Explore Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) and holistic, long-term management strategies for menopause that encompass lifestyle modifications, non-hormonal treatments, and complementary therapies, gaining specialised insights which will empower you to provide invaluable support and guidance to patients throughout their menopausal journey. Learn more on our Menopause course page.

Metabolic Medicine
Explore common metabolic disorders, diabetes, obesity and hypertension, all of which are increasing in prevalence globally.

Stay ahead of the curve and learn to diagnose, treat and manage metabolic disorders with confidence - visit our Metabolic Medicine course page to learn more and begin your journey in this rapidly expanding field.

Calcium and Bone Medicine
800 million people are considered undernourished and more than 3.5 billion at risk of calcium deficiency (Harinarayan, Akhila and Shanthisree, 2021), highlighting the desperate global need for advancing knowledge in calcium and bone medicine.

Gain in-depth knowledge and skills related to calcium and bone physiology, encompassing parathyroid disorders, osteoporosis and metabolic bone conditions like Paget’s disease - visit our Calcium and Bone Medicine course page to find out more.

Thyroid Medicine
With an estimated 200 million people, 40% of the population, affected by thyroid diseases worldwide, you can meet the rising demand of this complex and challenging specialty and learn to treat thyroid disorders effectively and with confidence.

This programme delves deep into thyroid physiology, understanding thyroid nodules, hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism. Visit our Thyroid Medicine course page today to learn more and take the next steps to becoming an expert in this highly sought-after topic.

Trichology and Hair Sciences
Gain a comprehensive understanding of the science behind hair and scalp health, including the causes and treatments for various trichology disorders, including alopecia and hirsutism. Enrich your career in healthcare as you develop specialist skills and knowledge in trichology and hair sciences, enabling you to provide enhanced care to your patients.

Take the first steps to unlock your potential and advance your career by visiting our Trichology and Hair Sciences course page today.

Sexual Health Medicine
Respond to the high rates of sexual dysfunction among the population, compounded by drastic budget cuts for sexual healthcare, by upskilling in this relevant and important area of healthcare.

With modules in sexual health and disorders, sexual health, society and the law, and contraception and family planning, this PG Cert in Sexual Health Medicine will inspire confidence in healthcare professionals to improve sexual provision on a global scale.
Visit our Sexual Health Medicine course page to learn more and gain expertise in sexual health medicine.

The Innovation behind Learna | Diploma MSc’s Postgraduate Certificates

These Postgraduate Certificates can be completed in just 6 months, and are designed to be completed part-time, allowing you to continue working in your full-time role and apply the knowledge gained as you develop as a healthcare professional.

The real success behind these new programmes lies in the delivery method - Learna | Diploma MSc offers 100% online courses, with experienced tutors, who are experts in the field, leading the faculty. Learning is based on the discussion of clinically rich case scenarios with a multidisciplinary class of healthcare professionals from across the world. This approach allows students to engage with the material whenever and wherever suits them.

You can apply for these Postgraduate Certificates by visiting our Postgraduate Certificates page, allowing you to develop expertise in these in-demand specialties, and be one of the first to undertake these unique, innovative courses in March 2024.