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JCCP Fast Track Assessment (FTA)

The rise in demand for cosmetic procedures has generated a greater responsibility for healthcare practitioners to demonstrate their competency in delivering an expert level of knowledge, skill and care equivalent to those who've undertaken a regulated qualification (i.e. Cosmetic Medicine PgCert).

There is an increasing indication that cosmetic practitioners should become more accountable to members of the public with regard to their 'fitness to practice'. The Joint Council for Cosmetic Practitioners (JCCP) is at the forefront of this initiative, setting standards and competency frameworks for the industry in collaboration with the Cosmetic Practice Standards Authority (CPSA).

This Fast Track Assessment (FTA) is specifically designed for aesthetic practitioners looking to register with the JCCP. It consists of 2 separate components: a 3 hour theoretical examination and an Objective Structured Clinical Exam (OSCE). The latter can be completed in approved test centres across the UK, whereas Learna are the only approved educational providers to deliver the 3 hour theoretical exam.

Successful completion of the FTA will not only provide you with a more convenient way of applying for JCCP registration, but subsequently reassure your clients of your competency of practice and demonstrate your prioritisation of public protection and safety.


Aesthetic Awards - Highly Commended 2022

Learna was Highly Commended at the Aesthetic Awards in the Independent Training provider Of The Year Category.


Key Facts

Application deadline

7th October 2024

Exam dates

(Part 1)
Exam Theory
11th November 2024

(Part 2)
8th January 2025

Exam duration

Part 1 - 3 Hours

Part 2 - 2 Hours

Exam centre

Cardiff (TBD)

Exam fees (Theory)


Exam fee (OSCE)


† Excluding VAT

Are you looking to complete a more indepth course?

We offer a 6 month part-time PgCert, specifically designed to promote and enhance working professionals' knowledge and ultimately their practice in cosmetic medicine, and complements separate, practice-based recognised prior learning (RPL) awards. If you want to advance your knowledge and skills in cosmetic medicine - then this is the course for you!








To apply for full JCCP registration, you must successfully complete a regulated qualification. However, as a busy clinician experiencing an increase in demand for your services, there's simply not enough time available for you to complete a rigorous course, even if only a 6 month part-time PgCert.

Part 1 of the FTA, a 3 hour theoretical examination, costs £500 (excluding VAT) and consists of 100 multiple-choice questions testing your knowledge as a practitioner. Therefore, in comparison to a postgraduate qualification, Part 1 of the FTA promises greater convenience by saving you both time and money.


FTA Theory
OSCE Practical Examination

† (excluding VAT)


Candidates will only be able to apply for the FTA Theoretical Examination (Part 1) via the Learna website. There are no other organisations providing Part 1 of the FTA.

To apply for the FTA, registrants must have a minimum of 3 years experience and conduct at least 25 botulinum toxin and 25 facial filler procedures per annum. Applicants will be expected to submit a record of these procedures and have the procedures verified by their supervisor that is in place as part of their JCCP terms of registration.

Other necessary credentials include:



On fulfilment of the entry criteria and acceptance on to the FTA, you'll be required to select an assessment date to attempt Part 1 of the FTA: a 3 hour theoretical examination. You'll also be provided with appropriate guideline lists and references in preparation for the exam, along with 10 mock questions to help you to understand the 'best of five' style that the FTA theoretical exam will adopt.

Once you've passed Part 1 of the FTA, you'll then be asked to complete Part 2: an Objective Structured Clinical Exam (OSCE). This exam will assess your clinical skills and competency through practical demonstrations.

Only on successful completion of Parts 1 and 2 of the FTA will you be able to apply for registration with the JCCP.

The 3 hour theoretical examination, which will be held under exam conditions with an invigilator present, consists of 100 'best of five' style multiple-choice questions (MCQs). The questions will be based around typical clinical scenarios, which you'll be able to identify in your clinical practice.

The exam, which will be completed via our online learning platform, will take place at a test centre held in Cardiff (centre to be confirmed). Upon arrival at the test centre, you must provide the following documentation:

  • Proof of identity e.g. passport
  • Signed Data Sharing Agreement

The test centre will provide each candidate with their own computer, and you'll be required to enter your unique username and password in order to access the examination. Upon starting the exam, you'll be presented with a countdown timer that will be visible on your screen throughout the examination.

The exam will cover the following topics with relative weightings on each subject area:

  • Anatomy (20%)
  • Aging and the skin (10%)
  • Pharmacology/medicines management/safety (20%)
  • Toxin treatments (15%)
  • Filler treatments (15%)
  • Ethics/medico-legal (10%)
  • Audit/research (10%)

On completion of the exam, the software will automatically calculate whether you have passed or failed. This information will then be reviewed by the examination board and your final results will be released within 15 working days.

If you fail the theoretical exam, you'll be given 3 further attempts at successfully completing the MCQ test. You won't need to re-apply, but you will be required to pay an admin fee of £350 (excluding VAT) to retake the exam.

Once you've passed Part 1 of the FTA, you'll be asked to complete an Objective Structured Clinical Exam (OSCE), which will assess your clinical skills and competency. The price of our OSCE exam (including registration document review) is £1,000 (excluding VAT).

Unlike Part 1 of the FTA, the OSCE is available at various test centres across the UK. Thus you'll be able to apply for and complete the practical exam at any appropriate JCCP approved assessment centres within the UK.

The OSCE will last approximately half a day and you'll be graded with relative weightings on the following subject areas:

  • Medical, Health and Cosmetic Assessment (10%)
  • Diagnosis, Treatment Planning and Consent Process (10%)
  • Product knowledge and selection (10%)
  • Administration of Dermal Fillers with post procedural advice (30%)
  • Administration of Botulinum Toxins with post procedural advice (30%)
  • Management of Complications (10%)

All clinic consumables and dummies will be provided by the assessment centre on the day, so as to reduce bias and prior case knowledge.

The procedures will be assessed under examination conditions and there will be no informal feedback given during the exam.

On completion of the OSCE, you'll receive formal written feedback within 15 working days following the practical examination and will be graded via the following criteria:

  • 70% and above (Distinction)
  • 60-69% (Merit)
  • 50-59% (Pass)
  • 45-49% (Refer)
  • 44% and below (Fail)

If you fail the OSCE, you'll be able to retake the practical exam with Learna at a cost of £1,000 (excluding VAT) a maximum of 3 times, but you must wait at least 6 months following your failure before you resit. Additionally, candidates who fail will be offered a combination of remedial support, including one-to-one sessions with assessment of performance from suitably experienced practitioners and/or trainers. The cost of this further training will rest between the candidate and trainer.