5 Reasons to Study an MSc in Applied Clinical Psychology


Applied Clinical Psychology is a field of study that concentrates on the application of psychological principles to clinical practice.

The field has an immediate impact on the well-being and mental health of individuals, groups, and communities across their lifespan. Applied Clinical Psychologists are employed in many different settings, including private industry, government agencies, school systems, community mental health centres, hospitals, clinics, and universities.

Recently, more and more healthcare professionals are finding value in this field of study and that is not only for an aspiring clinical psychologist. Healthcare professioanls are broadening their skillset by undertaking further studies in clinical psychology which have many benefits for their patients and their own career progression.

Here we break down 5 key benefits you can gain from studying a clinical psychology masters degree with Learna | Diploma MSc.

  1. Career progression: The competition in the healthcare industry is fierce. When working your way up the medical career ladder, you may find that peers in your chosen area of specialty share your qualifications and match your experience. You can stand out amongst them by showing additional skills that can be used in your daily practise, and develop an advantage amongst fellow healthcare professionals.
  2. Improve patient care: The ability to apply principles of clinical psychology will have an immediate impact on the well-being and mental health of individuals, groups, and the community. Once in the working world, healthcare professionals dealing with real-life patients and scenarios are seeking additional knowledge in order to better equip them around mental health. This will allow them to offer an improved quality of care and to better support their patients through their diagnoses.
  3. Achieve merit awards: Highly sought-after merit awards can be achieved by hospital consultants that have gone above and beyond the call of duty. Not only do they provide recognition from your peers, but they will also benefit your salary. Merit awards come in three levels; gold, silver, and bronze. How much compensation you receive will increase depending on which level you achieve.
  4. Challenges your problem-solving abilities: No two patients are the same and although they may have the same diagnosis, how they handle the news and treatment plan may not be. Having the skill set and expertise to understand how to treat and support each patient can be invaluable and even encouraged in today’s climate. There has been discussion recently of the possibility of GP surgeries employing clinical psychologists to help those dealing with difficult or life-changing diagnoses. Having a healthcare professional already employed with this knowledge can save on a limited budget and resources.
  5. Learn around your schedule: Busy healthcare professionals often feel they do not have the time to commit to further courses especially a master’s degree. At Learna, we have been perfecting our online learning platform for over 10 years, so it is safe to say we are specialists in online education. We understand that many healthcare professionals are extremely busy, and offer a fully flexible learning experience. With no lectures or set times to study, you can diversify your skillset with a fully accredited master’s in clinical psychology at a schedule that best suits your needs.

About our Applied Clinical Psychology MSc

Our online Applied Clinical Psychology MSc is aimed at healthcare professionals who want to gain new knowledge and skills in the application of psychology within clinical settings. This master's in clinical psychology will give healthcare professionals a better understanding of how psychological knowledge, principles, and methods can be applied within clinical practice. This online course is also suited for psychology graduates wanting to undertake a distance learning master’s and those who wish to undertake a relevant postgraduate course, prior to applying for a Professional Doctorate in Clinical Psychology.

If you are ready to advance your career and deliver an elevated quality of care to your patients, visit our clinical psychology courses.