Accelerate your pathway to Accreditation in Medical Education when you study with Learna | Diploma MSc


Are you passionate about making an impact in the field of medical education? Do you aspire to join a community of like-minded medical educators with whom you can share best practice and innovation, building a powerful professional network all the while unlocking opportunities for career progression?

At Learna | Diploma MSc, our postgraduate Medical Education courses not only provide you with comprehensive knowledge and skills in learning, teaching and assessment methods used in healthcare, but also offer a fast-tracked route to accreditation with the renowned Academy of Medical Educators (AoME) with our AccreditationPlus status. In this blog, we explore the advantages of obtaining this accreditation, as well as why choosing our online medical education courses can help you stand out from the crowd and accelerate your career advancement.

What is the Academy of Medical Educators (AoME)?

The AoME is the professional organisation for all those involved in the training and education of students and practitioners in medicine, dentistry and veterinary science. The academy provides leadership, promotes standards and supports students and professionals in the practice of medical education, working to advance medical education for the benefit of the public.

Medical education spans undergraduate, postgraduate, and continuing professional development (CPD), involving the teaching, learning, and assessment of patient care, health service management, health promotion, and disease prevention. With its competitive application process, the AoME’s standards exist to provide a recognised framework to ensure excellence in medical education, enabling educators to demonstrate their expertise and achievements through accreditation as medical teachers.

Our medical teaching courses have been recognised by AoME for their exceptional quality in Medical Education, as some of the best of their kind, which has allowed us to gain their highest accreditation status. Students and graduates of our Medical Education programme benefit from this by accessing a streamlined route to AoME membership without the requirements of additional supporting evidence or a reflective statement, making what is typically a lengthy and time-consuming procedure into a remarkably straightforward process.

Benefits of AoME Accreditation:

1. Join a community of like-minded medical educators

The AoME boasts an impressive network of passionate educators dedicated to shaping the future of medical education. You will have the opportunity to collaborate, share experiences and exchange best practices with peers as you join this network.

2. Boost your career development

Accreditation demonstrates your commitment to delivering high-quality medical education, with evidence of meeting professional standards as set forth by the AoME. This is very appealing to employers and serves to enhance your employability.

3. Access to educators at every level of your career progression

Whether you are new to the field or an experienced academic in medical education, you will have access to medical educators who can best support you at the appropriate stage of your career development.

4. Workshops and events at discounted rates

AoME members enjoy exclusive benefits including discounted rates for events, workshops and conferences - opportunities which can expand both your knowledge and professional network alike.

5. Professional recognition from peers

When applying for promotion or revalidation, professional recognition from peers within AoME can prove extremely valuable.

6. Opportunity to influence policies

AoME is regularly asked to respond to professional advice requests by Government Departments on matters pertaining to medical education, and as a valued member of the community you will have the opportunity to contribute your views and expertise to influence policy making at the highest level.

Learning Together for Clinical Excellence: Medical Education Conference 2023

We are excited to be attending the upcoming ‘Learning Together for Clinical Excellence’ Medical Education conference, taking place at the Centre of Student Life, Cardiff, on 27-29 June. This three day event, delivered by AoME in partnership with the International Network for Health Workforce Education (INHWE), offers a unique opportunity for educators across health professions to come together and share best practices and innovations in medical education.

Team members from Learna | Diploma MSc will be exhibiting at the event to offer guidance and insights into our Medical Education postgraduate programme. Attendees will have the opportunity to ask us questions and register their interest in our courses, and learn more about accelerating their path to AoME accreditation by studying with us.

Study a diploma in Medical Education or Medical Education MSc with Learna

Our medical education courses are designed for those who wish to transform their skills in education in the healthcare sector - this could include Doctors, GPs, Nurses, other healthcare professionals, or healthcare teachers and lecturers. You can complete a medical education diploma with us in just one calendar year, and a masters in medical education in two years - and as with all of our courses, you can study part-time from anywhere in the world at a pace that suits you.

With a focus on developing excellence in learning and teaching, our online medical education courses explore a number of learning, teaching and assessment methods to create effective medical educators. Our expert tutors offer support and guidance to nurture leadership skills and teach students how to develop a curriculum for medical education.

As a Learna student or graduate, you can access the exclusive benefit of fast-tracked membership to the Academy of Medical Educators by simply completing the application form, without the need for any further supporting evidence or a reflective statement. This is because our courses are regarded as high quality by standards of medical education, and the extensive reflective work completed is seen as sufficient evidence. This benefit makes a usually lengthy, time-consuming process extremely straightforward.

What’s more, when you join our online learning community, you join a multidisciplinary network of global healthcare educators, with whom you can build a strong professional network and share best practice and innovation.

Spaces are limited on this popular course - visit our course pages to apply today and join our September 2023 intake!