Celebrating 10 Years of Endocrinology: A Timeline of Success


We are proud to announce that our Endocrinology online course is coming up to its 10 year anniversary here at Learna! It was one of the first courses we launched and is in fact one of the longest running endocrinology courses in the UK.

About our programme

This practical and clinically-focused course is designed to be relevant to all health professionals who have exposure to people with endocrine disorders. It is particularly relevant to specialist registrars, endocrine nurses and those Primary Care Physicians with a specialist interest in endocrinology.

Our programme will prepare students to take a leadership role in the global context of endocrinology, and provide greater confidence and understanding of the management of patients with hormonal disorders through case studies and discussion.

It is safe to say that over the years, this course has continued to obtain an outstanding track record of excellent academic achievement and for its upcoming 10 year anniversary, we want to celebrate the successes of our students who accomplished significant results and career progression.

The average result for the diploma in endocrinology course*:

  • From 2016 to 2021, the average results our students achieved was a score of 68 (merit qualification).

  • The overall Endocrinology experience/ student feedback saw an 89% student satisfaction rate.

  • With just 2 modules to be completed this year, we have already received an 87% student satisfaction rate in 2021!

Seeing student successes is paramount to Learna and our innovative online platform. Witnessing these successes continuing to build year after year is important to us and delight in seeing our endocrinology students achieve great results. What’s also important to us is that our course continues its international presence.

Another benefit from our world-leading online learning platform is that we can select the very best tutors from around the world to guide our students. We are proud to provide a collaborative multidisciplinary experience for our students and ultimately create a unique insight into healthcare systems globally, expanding their knowledge even further.

From Fiji to Canada, our tutors are highly motivated experts and leaders in their own field, inspiring our students to strive for brilliance, with many students setting up their own service after completing the course.

Meet one of our former students...

Sherwin Criseno, graduated from the online Endocrinology MSc course in 2017. We recently chatted to Sherwin about how he balanced his profession and studies at the time and how the programme helped advance his professional career as a senior endocrinologist nurse.

“Being an online course made it really manageable due to the flexibility it gives with regard to accessing the course and taking part in the interactive learning. I was able to access the course and take part in the online discussions during my free time including weekends and outside my normal working hours.”

He went on to describe how the practical and clinically focused course helped him to develop his confidence and also increased his knowledge in endocrinology.

“The online interaction with other students and course tutors during each module was the most beneficial aspect, as you learn best through interaction and sharing of best practice.”

In 2019, just 2 years after graduating, Sherwin was appointed chair of the European Society of Endocrinology Nurse Committee - an impressive achievement. It is safe to say that completing the MSc in Endocrinology was one of the fundamental aspects for him excelling in his career. Sherwin has a strong background as a Senior Nurse in endocrinology, and is a member of the UK Society of Endocrinology Nurse Committee with extensive experience in supporting and advancing Endocrine Nursing Education and Practice.

When speaking with Sherwin, we touched on the fact that specialist nurses are keen to obtain a qualification in endocrinology but there is a short supply of interactive online courses in this field.

He said: “For endocrine nurses, there are limited options of academic courses which will specifically enable them to gain expertise in endocrinology. However, this course provides excellent and in depth theoretical knowledge on the key aspects of endocrinology which are very useful for nurses who are keen to advance their knowledge and skills.”

When we asked what he would say to students who are considering our online Endocrinology course, his response was: Go for it! It’s one of the best courses I’ve ever done.”

Great advice, Sherwin!

Unlike some other specialties, clinical endocrinology is a multi-systemic specialty and affects a range of different organs and by understanding hormones better, you can make a great impact on patients’ quality of life. If you are interested in improving your knowledge in the subject, progressing your career and becoming one of the many success stories of the past 10 years, then find out more information on our Endocrinology Postgraduate Courses.