Marking 13 Years of Excellence: Celebrating Our Pioneering PGDip in Diabetes Programme


We are proud to announce that our Postgraduate Diploma in Diabetes is coming up to its 13-year anniversary here at Learna! It was one of the first courses we launched back in 2010 and we have since had over 1,000 healthcare professionals successfully complete this PgDip diabetes and go on to do incredible work.

Student success is paramount to us at Learna | Diploma MSc, and seeing these achievements continue to build year after year is extremely rewarding.

Celebrating the successes of our students

It is safe to say that over the years, this diabetes postgraduate course has continued to obtain an outstanding track record of excellent academic achievement. For its upcoming 13-year anniversary, we want to celebrate the successes of our students who have accomplished significant results and career progression. One of these students is Dinah Duff, a current Postgraduate Diploma in Diabetes student.

Dinah Duff is a dietician in Zimbabwe and currently works in a local private hospital and has her very own private practice. We chatted with Dinah to find out what this course has done for her personally and professionally and the advice she would give to those considering this course…

1. What is your favourite part about studying with Learna | Diploma MSc?
I love the library and being able to access journal articles, and being able to ask for my colleagues' opinions. For example, it seems incredible how we can be learning about smoking cessation and diabetes, and that very week, I will have a client needing counselling for this. The synchronicity is inspiring. It’s like a fire has been lit inside of me, and I enjoy my work so much more because I have this wonderful toolbox I can access 24/7.

2. What has the course done for your personal and professional growth?
It has mainly given me confidence. This course with other professional people has helped me realise how much I know and can share, but also how to do the research required when I don’t know something. I really appreciated that so much. I have also really appreciated the group of people we discuss with, I have met some wonderful people on the course, and I have benefited tremendously from the multidisciplinary collaboration.

3. What advice would you give to someone taking this course with Learna | Diploma MSc?
I would advise them to get their time management very fine-tuned. Researching and keeping up with the academic discussion is very time-consuming and if they haven't put aside the time, it's very easy to fall behind. They need to be disciplined from the start and especially take note of the first week of study skills - the preparation during that week was excellent and there were numerous tips that have helped me as the course progressed.

Why study with Learna | Diploma MSc?

Diabetes is a multi-systemic speciality and affects large blood vessels of the heart, brain and legs as well as damaging small blood vessels, causing problems in the eyes, kidneys, feet and nerves. Therefore, by joining our postgraduate diabetes course you are taking the first step towards impacting the health of your community.

On completion of this popular diabetes degree online course, you will gain a range of invaluable skills, approaches, new perspectives and ways of thinking. Our curriculum provides an appealing mixture of modules, and students entering this programme will gain a clear direction and vision for where they want to take their practice. If you’re interested in learning more about what each module covers, visit our diabetes PgDip page.

In addition, when you join Learna, you are in control! With no lectures or fixed timetables, you can learn at your convenience. Plus, our courses are the most affordable of their kind. With no international surcharge and interest-free payment plans, we are making education accessible to everyone.

Are you ready to play your part in the ongoing fight against diabetes? If so, applications for our September 2023 are open, and you can apply now for our established diabetes postgraduate course.