Enhance your Medical Expertise with our Online Postgraduate Certificate in Calcium and Bone Medicine


We are excited to announce the launch of our unique and valuable Postgraduate Certificate in Calcium and Bone Medicine, a comprehensive online, part-time course designed to fit into the busy schedules of dedicated healthcare professionals looking to gain a unique specialism in calcium and bone health.

Our six-month, online bone health course is tailored to empower practitioners with the knowledge and skills needed to address the global challenges of calcium deficiency and bone health.

A Global Call for Advanced Knowledge in Bone Health and Medicine

The impact of bone-related disorders is felt worldwide. In India, nutritional bone diseases, including rickets, osteomalacia, and osteoporosis, affect 52% of the population due to vitamin D deficiency and insufficient calcium intake (Harinarayan, Akhila and Shanthisree, 2021). Similarly, Western regions face the challenges of an ageing population and an increasing prevalence of chronic diseases such as osteoporosis, which is characterised by low bone density and a high risk of fractures (International Osteoporosis Foundation, no date).

Addressing the concerning figures shared by Harinarayan, Akhila, and Shanthisree in 2021, which indicate that "800 million people are considered undernourished and more than 3.5 billion are at risk of calcium deficiency," underscores a global health dilemma that demands attention. This statistic not only sheds light on the widespread issue of malnutrition but also emphasises the necessity for advanced education in calcium and bone health — a subject of increasing importance in the medical community.

Unlock Your Potential in Calcium and Bone Health

Our Postgraduate Certificate in Calcium and Bone Medicine is an innovative online course designed to be both flexible and comprehensive, accommodating the busy schedules of healthcare professionals. This specialised bone diseases online course can be completed in a short span of just six months. As a part-time programme, it provides the convenience of distance learning, allowing you to flexibly engage with the curriculum and advance your expertise in bone health from anywhere in the world, without the need to disrupt your current professional or personal commitments. The course structure is tailored to foster a deep understanding of calcium and bone health, ensuring that upon completion, you will have gained valuable knowledge and skills that can be directly applied to your clinical practice or research endeavours as well as boosting patient outcomes.

The successful completion of our 6 month Postgraduate Certificate in Calcium & Bone Medicine qualification will enable you to gain:

  • Lifelong learning and advanced problem-solving skills for practical use in calcium and bone health.
  • Ability to evaluate complex ideas, research, and clinical data, allowing you to make informed decisions for better patient outcomes.
  • Greater knowledge, critical skills, and practical abilities in calcium and bone medicine for helping patients, developing services, and future learning.

Why Study Our Calcium and Bone Online Postgraduate Certificate With Learna | Diploma MSc?

We have over 10 years’ experience delivering online postgraduate courses, giving you access to flexible, affordable distance learning in partnership with world-leading educators.
Our osteoporosis course is designed for busy healthcare professionals who want to complete a bone medicine postgraduate qualification in just 6 months. No fixed timetable means you can log in & learn on the go, at your convenience.
Being totally online means we can select the very best tutors and resource editors, no matter where they’re located. This allows you to connect with multidisciplinary clinicians around the world to expand your insights & broaden your career prospects.

6 months of study, a lifetime of benefits

Our Postgraduate Certificate in Calcium and Bone Medicine is more than just an educational programme—it's a step towards bridging the knowledge gap in global bone health. By enrolling on this course, healthcare professionals will not only enhance their own practice but also contribute to a broader solution for bone health challenges worldwide.

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