From Paramedic to Neurosurgeon: Felix Corr’s Inspiring Journey with Learna


At Learna, we are committed to celebrating the success stories of our graduates. In this edition, we introduce Felix Corr, a dedicated professional with a fascinating journey from paramedic to an aspiring neurosurgeon. Join us as Felix shares his experiences and insights from his time on the Neurosurgery MSc programme with Learna | Diploma MSc.

From Paramedic to Aspiring Neurosurgeon: Felix’s Background

Felix Corr’s journey into neurosurgery began in Germany, where he worked as a paramedic before training as a surgical assistant. His hands-on experience in the neurosurgery operating theatre solidified his fascination with the field. “I now aim to commence my neurosurgical residency as soon as possible,” Felix shares.
His background is rich and varied. Before enrolling on the Neurosurgery programme level 7 online, Felix had already built a strong foundation. He volunteered in emergency medical services and pursued training as a surgical assistant before starting his medical studies. His primary interests in medical school were neurosurgery and spinal surgery, leading him to focus his clinical rotations in these areas.

Felix's Pursuit of Advanced Neurosurgical Knowledge

Felix was driven to gain a deeper understanding of neurosurgery beyond the scope of his medical school curriculum. “During medical school, I felt that the theoretical knowledge of neurosurgery did not go into the depth I was interested in,” he explains. After seeking postgraduate programmes in neurosurgery for several years, Felix found that Learna | Diploma MSc was the only institution offering such a comprehensive curriculum.

Personal and Professional Growth through the Course

The neurosurgery courses MSc online has significantly contributed to Felix’s growth. He highlights the comprehensive theoretical overview of neurosurgery provided by the course, which ranges from the basics to the in-depth management of neurosurgical conditions through evidence-based practice.

“Studying and discussing the latest literature and guidelines has supported me in many aspects of my clinical work,” Felix said.

Flexibility and Peer Interaction: Key Benefits

One of the major advantages of studying with Learna | Diploma MSc, according to Felix, is the flexibility it offers. “A major advantage is the flexibility for self-paced learning alongside a clinical routine. Additionally, group discussions allow for diverse perspectives and deeper understanding through peer interaction.”

Advice for Prospective Students

Felix emphasises the importance of self-discipline and self-organisation to succeed in the neurosurgery course MSc online.

“To succeed in this course, a strong sense of self-discipline is essential to independently acquire and learn the material,” he advises. Prospective students should understand their learning style and be prepared for a format that requires a high degree of self-management.

Felix Corr’s journey is a testament to the dedication and passion required to excel in the field of neurosurgery. His story highlights the value of structured, in-depth postgraduate education in achieving professional goals. If you are inspired by Felix’s journey and have the drive to advance your career in neurosurgery, explore our qualifications for a neurosurgeon at Learna | Diploma MSc and take the next step towards your future.

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