Medical oncology: Shaping the future of healthcare


Do you have extensive experience in general medicine but only a couple of years working in medical oncology? Do you see a healthcare gap in your community, where patients experience wrong clinic diagnosis, late detection of cancer cases and poor treatment choices?

If this applies to you and you want to be on the frontline to help find solutions - then applying for our Postgraduate Diploma and MSc in Medical Oncology will help you advance your skills, expertise and enable you to make an immeasurable difference to patients' lives.

The number of individuals living with cancer is expected to increase over the next decade and despite significant advances and understanding of cancer, there are global disparities in access to cancer care especially in developing countries.

Cancer can be a daunting challenge in economically developing countries due to limited access to treatment facilities and knowledge. International governments and organisations are working towards improving access to cancer prevention and treatment. However, the structure of cancer care that is delivered also needs improving, and our degree in oncology can certainly help healthcare professionals learn new approaches and provide appropriate care in their community.

This is an opportunity for you to make a difference on a wider scale.

Navigating Cancer Care

In lower income countries the development and quality of health services is severely limited by lack of resources and understanding of this complex disease. Oncology is a highly demanding profession and one of the most effective ways to improve care coordination is through multidisciplinary collaboration.

A multidisciplinary team approach in cancer care enables shared decision-making with the overarching goal of improving treatment efficiency and patient outcomes. Oncology (MDTs) are an excellent tool for providing more educational opportunities for health experts. This is one of the biggest benefits of our oncology degree - you will connect with multidisciplinary people around the world to help you expand your insights, improve your clinical outcomes and your career prospects. We know that working in a MDT is an important and popular strategy for long-term, personalised patient care. Therefore, we want our students to be able to collaborate with other professionals in order to help develop a stronger understanding of your role and responsibilities.

Our courses provide active learning opportunities through scenario based discussion forums. This encourages students to learn from one another and explore complex tasks that they otherwise wouldn't have done alone, basically enhancing both their individual and collective learning. We also employ reflective journaling to ensure the optimum student experience and effective utilisation of our educational resources, whereby students turn their online educational experience into meaningful, personalised, and sophisticated learning.

Cancer care is continuously evolving, so striving to keep up to date with the latest development in this advancing field requires ongoing professional development. Students will come away with the ability to lead complex tasks and processes in the delivery and advancement of medical oncology, and ability to implement best practice and innovation in complex scenarios. Our programme will certainly help you become more confident in your role and to fast track your career.

The aim of this programme

Cancer oncology education will have a significant impact on medical oncologists and the role they play in shaping the future of healthcare. In addition, when you complete our programme - students will have the ability to implement best practice and innovation in complex scenarios. To deliver leadership to teams in multi-agency, multi-cultural and/or international contexts. Students will also be able to extend the scope of practice through our Postgraduate Diploma and MSc Medical Oncology course by exploring a complex issue in more depth, utilising knowledge gained in the modules.

Our curriculum provides an appealing mixture of modules and students entering this programme will gain a clear direction and vision for where they want to take their practice. If you’re interested in learning more about what each module covers, visit our medical oncology page.

Why study with Learna?

At Learna, we offer something very specific at a high quality level. Undertaking our flexible, affordable oncology degree will give you the opportunity to improve the lives of people around the world and boost your career prospects.

With the implementation of innovative teaching and learning styles, combined with cutting edge technology, students are able to excel in their studies, whilst maintaining their busy careers. We provide active learning opportunities through scenario based discussion forums and being totally online also means we can select the very best faculty and resource editors no matter where they’re located, so you’ll be learning from the very best!

It is our mission to provide busy healthcare professionals access to flexible and affordable education and unlike most of our competitors, we don’t add any additional surcharges to our overseas students. Our courses deliver value for money and payment plans - which means getting qualified could be even more affordable.

In addition, when you join Learna, you are in control! With no fixed timetables, you can learn at your convenience. This is an opportunity for you to rise to the challenges and improve cancer care in your community when you apply for our highly sought-after Postgraduate Diploma and MSc Medical Oncology programme.

P.S This programme is run in conjunction with the University of Buckingham, who hold GMC accreditation. The GMC has high standards and an exceptionally rigorous process for accreditation giving confidence that doctors trained in a GMC accredited medical school will hold the skills and experience needed to meet the high standards that patients expect.

Achieving this oncology degree from the University of Buckingham will transform your existing knowledge and skills and help you gain a competitive edge.