Neurosurgery MSc Graduate Spotlight: Priya Kadam


At Learna, we celebrate the remarkable achievements of our students and the significant milestones they reach after completing our postgraduate programmes. Our global alumni community is a source of immense pride, and we take great joy in their academic journeys and the ways they utilise their qualifications for career and personal growth.

In this inspiring blog series, we reconnect with graduates from various programmes to share their success stories. This week, we are thrilled to feature Priya Kadam, a graduate of our Neurosurgery MSc programme. Here’s her story…

1. Can you introduce yourself and share your current role in the medical field?

I’m a current junior clinical fellow in neurosurgery, and I'm interested in pursuing neurosurgery as a career.

Education, particularly how one learns, is also important to me. I was happy when I came across the MSc Neurosurgery because it provided a chance to become equipped with understanding before further clinical __neurosurgery training. __

2. What was your background before enrolling on the Neurosurgery programme?

Academically, I have a Psychology BSc, a Neuroscience MSc, and research experience in both fields, along with my MBBS. When I enrolled in the Neurosurgery MSc, I was an F1 doctor and knew I wanted to become a neurosurgeon. I had been searching for the next stage of learning that could provide foundations in neurosurgery before entering the field.

3. Why did you choose Learna | Diploma MSc for your Neurosurgery studies?

Firstly, it was a rare find as the only long-distance MSc Neurosurgery course in the UK, and I was very happy to be accepted. I required flexible learning as I have been working full time, finishing my junior doctor years, and then as a junior clinical fellow.

4. How has the neurosurgery courses MSc online contributed to your personal and professional development? Can you share an example of how it helped in your current role?

I really enjoyed the discussions in the academic forum. Although I was the most junior with the least experience, it was a great education that I could apply to patients I was caring for during my day job. The combination of structured education from professionals, case discussions, and then applying this knowledge was very effective. It put me in a better position academically.

5. What do you find most valuable about studying with Learna | Diploma MSc?

My clinical reasoning became stronger through the case studies and academic discussion forums, which were also my favourite part. The collaborative discussions were both interesting and informative. While the vascular module was the most challenging, my favourite was neuro-oncology.

6. What qualities do you think are essential for success in this course? Any advice for prospective students?

Self-determination, discipline for online learning, and flexibility for completing work and engaging in discussions are crucial. You need to sustain interest over two years, so definitely think about what motivates you.

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