Our programme aids the need for more dermatology professionals


It is important for GP’s to have a dermatology postgraduate qualification under their belt because skin is our biggest organ, skin disorders are such a common problem and the quality of care should no longer be compromised. This means that increasing your knowledge through can add significant value to your career and patients outcomes, especially given the social stigmas surrounding skin disease.

Skin is an organ system which not only plays a critical functional role in physical health but also has a significant and psychological impact. Skin disorders are amongst the most common long-term conditions in the UK and there are more than 2,000 different diseases. Approximately 20% of children are affected by eczema and about 50% of teenagers suffer from acne. While psoriasis affects about 1.5% of the British population, skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the UK.

Equally, despite it being one of the most common diseases, there is not much teaching done in medical school around this topic. Therefore, trainee doctors will come away with very little knowledge about skin disease and this has ultimately created a chronic shortage of qualified dermatology consultants.

Therefore, the inadequate training of GPs have led to serious lapses in treatment for conditions that are painful, debilitating and psychologically damaging. People are being disadvantaged, but if there were a higher density of qualified dermatologists, there would be more effective diagnosis and improved patient outcomes.

Importance on Having Specialist Knowledge in Dermatology

This is an increasingly important asset for healthcare professionals, particularly so in primary care settings, where skin disease is the greatest disease prompting consultation in children and the second biggest problem amongst adults.

Dermatology is an increasingly popular clinical entity amongst medical trainees and nurses worldwide and is ranked the most satisfying medical specialties to practice.

This is reflected in our course's popularity and the number of applicants we recieve because of the field's diversity, flexibility and the fact it is very visual and hands-on.

Our former student, Dr Safi Abbas Rizvi got his dermatology master’s published after graduating in 2020. He has since received tremendous recognition in India and abroad and is now involved in a number of important and specialist projects. Dr Safi tells us that ‘this has incorporated creativity and improvised my clinical skills.

How our Postgraduate Qualifications in Dermatology can Help You?

Dr Safi Abbas Rizvi established that our dermatology online course carries great weightage both professionally and in personal clinical practice and how flexibility is the best quality this course carries.

Our Dermatology postgraduate courses are run in conjunction with The University of South Wales (USW).

USW is a modern, industry focused University, rated best in the UK for the Health Professions in the Guardian University Guide 2020 and in the latest Complete University Guide 2022, it is in the top 10 in the UK for Health Studies.

Our Dermatology programme will give you the development in life-long learning, critical appraisal and advanced problem-solving skills that can be applied to dermatology in clinical practice.

Do you want to add significant value to your patients by improving your knowledge and upskilling in the diagnosis and management of dermatological disorders, while also progressing your career?

Then view our dermatology online courses.