4 Questions about a diploma in Family Medicine - answered


4 questions about a diploma in family medicine - answered

Are you a healthcare professional who wants to know more about specialising in the field of family medicine? Perhaps you are a primary care physician looking to offer an elevated level of care to your patients?

Here at Learna, we are on a mission to improve healthcare worldwide through affordable and accessible education. That is why we have answered 4 key questions on family medicine to help you in your mission to broaden your skill set and improve healthcare in your industry.

1. Why is family medicine important?

Whilst most healthcare professionals specialise and are skilled to treat a specific area of medicine, a family physician is at the centre of primary care and is equipped to diagnose and treat a wide variety of health issues. Healthcare professionals working within family medicine are often the first port of call for patients and can tackle prevention, diagnosis, and referrals.

2. What is a family medicine postgraduate course?

Undertaking a postgraduate course in family medicine will train doctors and allied health professionals to provide comprehensive and continuous care within the community. At Learna | Diploma MSc our diploma in family medicine will give medical professionals the opportunity to study interesting, engaging, and relevant course topics that will aid them on their career journey as they seek to progress within the healthcare sector. Our programmes aim to equip students with a systematic understanding of family medicine, skills in critical appraisal, lifelong learning, and advanced problem-solving skills that they can apply to clinical practice.

3. Where do family medicine doctors work?

Family medicine doctors work mainly in primary care, this includes private healthcare as well as providing help within the community. Family physicians can take on a wide variety of roles including:

  • Education
  • Emergency and Urgent Care
  • Inpatient Medicine
  • Maternity Care
  • Public Health
  • Research
  • Sports Medicine

4. Why study for a diploma in family medicine with Learna?

At Learna we are proud to be one of the very few education providers that offer a postgraduate qualification in the sought-after area of family medicine. By undertaking a Postgraduate Diploma or MSc in Family Medicine you are able to hone your skills from your general training, improve patient outcomes, and fast-track your career by studying part-time around your schedule meaning you do not need to give up your day job or take any leave from your position.

We have been developing our innovative learning platform for over 10 years with no lectures, seminars, or set times for study. Our programmes are taught through immersive scenario-based forums, and self-reflection focusing on solutions. Our deeply engaging, discussion-led courses mean you can interact and network with like-minded multidisciplinary colleagues from all over the world. Giving you fresh perspectives and new experiences that a traditional classroom simply could not.

We want to break down the financial barriers that can come with postgraduate qualifications and offer some of the most affordable prices on the market. With no international surcharge and interest-free payment plans, we are making education accessible to everyone.

What are you waiting for? Take the next step in your professional journey with our affordable, flexible, and online Postgraduate Diploma and MSc in Family Medicine.