Why Study Public Health?


Why Study Public Health?

Public health is an undoubtedly important field of healthcare in improving the health of the population, preventing and managing disease. This importance has become particularly apparent in recent years, with the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic. Healthcare professionals, like yourself, are significant in protecting the public from disease, ill health and disasters. So why should you study Public Health? With the COVID-19 pandemic under control, now is the time to ensure you are ready for any future public health crisis that may arise…

Prepare yourself

If there’s a motivation to prepare yourself for a future public health emergency, it’s the COVID-19 pandemic, and more recently, the Monkeypox outbreak. We were not prepared to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic and research suggests that pandemics are more likely to happen than we think… This means it is more important than ever to update your knowledge in the area so that we are prepared for the next possible pandemic and have a better system in place to deal with it. Studying public health will provide you with the skills, knowledge and confidence needed to prevent, manage and eradicate future pandemic threats - allowing you to become an all round competent and confident public health practitioner.

Conduct high-level research

Part of preparing for public health emergencies is conducting research. As a professional working in public health, you need to be confident and competent in conducting high-level research which will help you understand elements that influence population health, such as social, environmental and genetic factors. Gaining a postgraduate qualification in public health will help you to plan, conduct, utilise and evaluate research as well as interventions in public health.

Gain experience

Gaining experience will only improve your skills and knowledge further. Studying our public health course online will allow you to go one step further by enabling you to gain a global insight into public health systems, research and management. Gaining insight into global health systems will not only allow you to see how different systems work, but you will also be able to take effective strategies you otherwise wouldn’t have been aware of and apply them to your own work place. You can also continue with practical experience as you can learn while you earn with our flexible Public Health programme that does not require you to attend lectures or set times to study.

Progress your career

If you are looking to progress your career in the public health sector, solidifying your extensive knowledge in this area with a postgraduate qualification can certainly help with this. If your aim is to get a promotion, postgraduate study will show your employer your dedication to improving your skill set and knowledge. Our diploma in public health and masters in public health will help you stand out from your peers, who may otherwise share the same experience. With Learna | Diploma MSc you can fast track your career by gaining a postgraduate diploma in just 12 months while studying part time and an MSc in just 24. Getting a promotion often means getting a pay rise, which is also another major benefit of improving your knowledge by studying a public health course.

Looking to pursue a PhD? If you want to gain an advantage by achieving higher qualifications, you will always need to take the next step before you reach the top. If you want to further your studies by gaining a PhD in Public Health, you will first need to study a masters in public health.

Improve management skills

With career progression comes more responsibility within the workplace. If you are looking to become a manager, or find yourself leading a team, you will need to be confident in addressing complex issues that involve many different factors in the advancement of public health. Do you lack management skills in the field? Perhaps you need a better understanding of how to deliver strategies for the investigation and treatment of populations presenting with health improvement needs? Studying a public health course will help you to initiate and lead complex processes and strategies within the context of a multidisciplinary team and enhance your ability to use strategic behaviour change mechanisms to prevent disease.

Help improve lives

Most importantly, improving your knowledge and skills in public health will allow you to make a meaningful contribution to the community's health needs, ultimately making a difference in improving people’s lives. You will be equipped with knowledge on how to prevent, manage and treat communicable and non-communicable diseases in the world, delivering impactful and significant change to the healthcare system of the community you practise in. Studying a public health course will enable you to view public health situations in their entirety - from diagnosis, to disease causation, curative treatment and most importantly, future prevention.

Why choose to study Public Health with Learna | Diploma MSc?

Our flexible, part-time diploma in public health and masters in public health will help healthcare professionals better understand the complex issues that surround public health and develop the problem solving and leadership skills necessary to tackle them.

With no set lectures or seminars, studying our public health programme will allow you to further your knowledge without quitting your day job - meaning you can log in and learn whenever and wherever suits you. By choosing to improve your knowledge in the area, you will contribute to making a vital difference to the health of the public.

The programme is led by our dedicated expert tutors who are exceptionally experienced in the industry. Our tutors will guide you through the journey, presenting you with clinical scenarios based on their wealth of experience. Our multidisciplinary learning experience means that not only will you be learning from the very best leaders in the industry from across the globe, but you will be grouped with fellow students, located all over the world.

Ready to take the next step towards becoming a better, more confident and skilled healthcare professional who’s ready to protect the health of the public? Applications to join our diploma in public health and masters in public health in March 2023 are open! Take the next step in your learning journey and complete your application today.

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