Meet the Programme Leader: Paediatrics and Child Health


As an online company, we have the advantage of selecting the very best in the industry to author, develop and deliver our postgraduate programmes.

Meet Dr Ambalika Das, Programme Leader for our brand new Paediatrics and Child Health Postgraduate Diploma and MSc. Dr Ambalika Das is currently a Consultant Neonatologist, having worked in paediatrics and child health for over 25 years. With an interest in teaching and training, Dr. Das has been teaching medical students, nursing students, advanced nursing practitioners, midwives, GP and paediatric trainees over many years. Find out about Dr Ambalika Das' background and what she thinks of our new and exciting course...

1. What was your background prior to becoming a tutor?

I am a Consultant Neonatologist, working in paediatrics and child health for over 25 years. I have an interest in teaching and training and have been teaching medical students, nursing students, advanced nursing practitioners, midwives, GP and paediatric trainees over many years.

2. How has the course helped you? How can it help your students?

Developing the paediatrics online courses has given me a chance to revisit the basics of paediatrics and child health. I have got the opportunity to expand my knowledge in contemporary topics which are particularly relevant in practicing paediatric medicine in the 21st century.

As you would notice throughout the paediatrics course the theme is about preventative medicine. The course is designed to cover from perinatal period to adolescence, thus covering a wide range of conditions and presentations. The information is broken down in smaller sections and presented to the students in a manner that they find useful and focussed. The scenario-based topic discussion will equip the students with knowledge and skills of dealing with real life situations and cases.

3. How can students apply the knowledge gained from the paediatrics online courses to their daily practice?

A successful completion of the course will allow the students to advocate for a preventative approach for reducing the risk of developing a childhood disease. They would be able to promote a healthier lifestyle in their patient population. The students will be able to apply the knowledge and skills in managing common childhood emergencies, as well as common childhood conditions in the primary care and community settings. The students will be able to apply a holistic approach in assessing childhood issues taking into account psychosocial, safeguarding and mental health consideration.

4. Do you recommend any website or research tools for students?

Every module of the course has links to research papers, published articles, guidelines and relevant websites, which the students are encouraged to look up and study as part of their learning and engagement.

5. What makes studying with Learna | Diploma MSc different?

The paediatrics online courses are unique in its preventative theme, overview across a wide range of conditions from prenatal period to adolescence and the inclusion of global child health module, giving the learner a broad clinical overview of the practice of paediatric medicine. It is delivered by experienced paediatric doctors thus giving clinical input into the delivery of the course, maximising active learning opportunities for the students.

6. What is your favourite topic within your field of work?

As a neonatologist I am fascinated by perinatal medicine and within this particular programme I am most excited about the Global Child Health module.

7. What advice would you give to someone considering undergoing the programme?

Childhood is the most fascinating period of life, where there are continuing changes in physiology and pathology across the age range. Paediatrics and Child Health is thus a unique branch of medicine where differentiating normal from abnormal can be challenging. Studying this course will give any student or professional interested in pursuing a career in Paediatrics and Child health a good foundation for future steps.

We are now accepting applications for our November 2022 intake for our paediatrics online courses. Apply now for the best chance of securing your place on this competitive course.