Meet the Tutor: Expedition and Wilderness Medicine


Something we pride ourselves in at Learna is our dedicated expert tutors. Our online learning platform allows us to select the very best tutors no matter where they are located. These tutors inclide Dr Daniel Grace, who tutors on our Expedition Medicine courses. When he is not on an expedition, Daniel is a GP and event and expedition doctor who lives near Brecon, South Wales. We recently spoke to Daniel about his background in expedition medicine prior to tutoring, our wilderness medicine courses, and how students will benefit from studying with Learna | Diploma MSc.

Tell us a little bit about yourself…

Dr Grace: I am a GP, event and expedition doctor and live in a small village near Brecon in South Wales. In my spare time, I am the volunteer medical director for an organisation called the Virtual Doctors, which offers remote medical advice to clinicians in rural clinics and hospitals in Zambia and Malawi.

Outside of medicine I have a great love of the outdoors and enjoy hiking with my wife and dog. I am also a keen multi-instrumentalist and enjoy spending time writing music and pretending that I am the next Hans Zimmer!

What was your background prior to becoming a tutor?

Dr Grace: I was previously working as a locum GP and in medical education with Kings College London Medical School, teaching about different aspects of primary care. I was keen to join the Diploma MSc team as a tutor and author as expedition medicine is one of my main interests.

I still continue to work within various GP and medical education projects.

What’s your favourite topic within your field of work?

Dr Grace: My main area of interest is looking at the connections between mental health and the outdoors. I am also interested in looking at human factors within both general practice and expedition teams.

How can students apply the knowledge gained from our expedition medicine courses to their daily practice?

Dr Grace: Obviously some of the topics covered in the expedition medicine courses are a bit different to some of the other courses offered by Diploma MSc in that they are tailored to austere environments, however I think that an understanding and awareness of these topics can help medics become more rounded clinicians regardless of their day jobs or backgrounds.

What do you think makes studying with Learna | Diploma MSc different to other similar courses?

Dr Grace: I think it is great that people can learn online and connect with fellow course participants from all over the world, sharing ideas and growing together in a collaborative way.

What’s your advice for someone considering studying on your course?

Dr Grace: Go for it! It allows you to learn in a flexible way and you can also continue with your life alongside studying which is always helpful!

About our Expedition and Wilderness Medicine programmes

Travel for both work and pleasure is becoming increasingly prevalent and travellers are seeking more adventurous trips going off the beaten path and challenging themselves.

In this emerging market, current job adverts are asking for doctors and other healthcare professionals (HCPs) with training, experience, and specialisation in wilderness medicine and expedition medicine.

Our Expedition and Wilderness Medicine courses allow our experienced faculty to focus upon the practicalities of preparing for the expedition and also on the physiological and pathological impacts of expedition in remote and extreme locations. Professionals can learn to:

  • Develop skills and knowledge to anticipate, plan for and treat common and potential health problems which may arise on expeditions.
  • Apply evidence-based clinical skills and knowledge to minimise risk and maximise health before, during and after expeditions.
  • Apply the knowledge, approaches and skills gained within expedition medicine to wider emergency situations.

If you are interested in studying our Expedition and Wilderness Medicine course, you can find more information on our website. Or you can read more about how to become an expedition medic on our blog.

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