Meet the tutor - Family Medicine


Meet Mayur Bhowgeerutty, tutor for our online Family Medicine Postgraduate Diploma and MSc programmes.

Tell us a little about yourself.
I am a primary care physician trained initially in general medicine, and later completed postgraduate studies in Internal Medicine (University of Edinburgh), Diabetes (University of Leicester), Geriatrics and Cardio-geriatrics (Sorbonne University, France). I also obtained various diplomas in clinical areas like clinical hypertension, rheumatology and autoimmune disorders management. Apart from clinical work, I also enjoy teaching medicine and joined the Learna | Diploma MSc, Family Medicine Postgraduate Diploma in 2022.

Why did you choose Family Medicine as your speciality?
Unlike many other specialities which focus on a particular organ and its diseases, family medicine physicians treat most ailments providing care for patients of all age groups. Also, being a primary care provider puts you at the front line with the patients who are presenting first time with undiagnosed symptoms and signs. It's our job to do the ‘detective’ work to figure out what’s going on and make the correct diagnosis which at times can be lifesaving. I particularly enjoy the deductive part when we combine our knowledge, observations, and experience to come to a conclusion. Additionally, working in family medicine, you will develop a lifelong patient-doctor relationship where you may follow families and even communities throughout their lives.

How can students apply the knowledge gained from the Family Medicine course to their daily practice?
The knowledge acquired during the course will help students stay up to date with the different conditions they encounter in day-to-day work and practice evidence-based medicine. Even though the amount of information may feel overwhelming at times, each time a student encounters these cases, they will remember the pertinent points thanks to positive reinforcements due to the numerous course works, tutorials, and assessments - hence will be able to add these to their clinical consultations.

What advice would you give to someone considering undergoing the Family Medicine course?
If someone wishes to pursue higher studies in the field of family medicine while still maintaining their work life through flexible study time, this course is for them. As with any other postgraduate study, even if by distance learning, the student must be prepared to face some challenges along the way for which the teaching team is always here to help and guide our students on this highly rewarding academic journey.

About our Family Medicine course:

If you wish to improve your skillset with a family physician degree and better impact humanity, our online degrees in family medicine are led by our dedicated expert tutors who are exceptionally experienced in their fields and share their high-level knowledge directly with their students. Our multidisciplinary learning experience means that not only will you be learning from the very best leaders in the industry from across the globe, but you will be grouped with fellow students located all over the world. Ultimately, transforming your insights and improving your clinical outcomes.

The Postgraduate Diploma in Family Medicine and MSc programmes covers a variety of topics and will provide a number of learning outcomes. Students will be:

  • Equipped with lifelong learning and advanced problem-solving skills that they can apply to clinical practice in family medicine.
  • Enabled to demonstrate the ability to lead complex tasks and processes in the delivery and advancement of patient care.
  • Enabled to deliver leadership to teams in multi-agency, multi-cultural and international contexts.
  • Equipped with the ability to critically evaluate evidence and guidance for family medicine and implement best practices and innovation in complex patient scenarios.

Here at Learna | Diploma Msc we understand that many healthcare professionals are extremely busy and often feel they do not have the time to commit to further courses. This is why we offer a part-time fully flexible learning experience, allowing you to study for just one calendar year.

With no lectures or set times to study, you can diversify your skillset with a fully accredited diploma in family medicine at a schedule that best suits your needs.

Applications for our September 2023 are open, and you can apply now for our Postgraduate Diploma in Family Medicine.

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