Our step by step guide to creating a winning application


Once you have chosen to undertake postgraduate study, creating such an important application can be challenging. It can be difficult to gauge what educators are looking for in their students, and with limited spaces available you want to make sure you sell yourself perfectly and stand out. Luckily, we know what it takes to create a perfect application for a medical degree, so we are here to lend a hand! We have created an application checklist for you to use as your go-to guide in creating a winning application, and improving your chances at landing a coveted spot on our course. Check out these tips for each of the following documents that need to be uploaded to your Diploma MSc account:

Table of contents:

  1. A Professional/Academic Statement
  2. A certificate of your undergraduate degree and other relevant qualifications
  3. Relevant Work Experience
  4. Proof of English Language Skills
  5. An Academic and/or Professional Reference

1. A professional/academic statement

Personal Statement AI app

After you have sent us your personal details, this next step is your chance to stand out against other candidates and hopefully get that all-important offer.

Professional/academic statements are especially important if you’re trying to get on a very competitive course, where you need to do anything you can to stand out to the admissions team. A personal statement explains why you would like to undertake the course, but does not need to follow any particular format. Overall, to form the basic spine of your personal statement, you should demonstrate why you want to study the course. Show your enthusiasm and really think about your best qualities, special skills, and personality traits.

2. A certificate of your undergraduate degree and other relevant qualifications

Qualifications AI app

Applicants will typically hold a postgraduate degree in a relevant professional healthcare or management field. Without these recognised qualifications in the healthcare field, your application will be considered on an individual basis and a wide range of prior experience may be taken into account.

3. Relevant work experience

Work experience 2 AI

Do you have the necessary experience to do the course? This is your chance to stand out against other candidates and hopefully get that all-important offer. Give relevant and detailed evidence of your experience that makes you suited to studying this subject.

4. Proof of english language skills

Proof of English AI app

If English is NOT your first language, Proof of English competency is a requirement when submitting your application. Proficiency in English is essential for study at The University of South Wales and The University of Buckingham. Each university will accept different forms of proof of English language skills and would definitely require it if you have not studied at a UK, USA, Australian, New Zealand or Canadian University. Furthermore, all universities accept IELTS with an overall score of 6.5 (with a minimum of 6.0 for each band) or an equivalent qualification.

5. An academic and/or professional reference

References 2 AI app

Please provide the name and email address of someone who is able to provide a reference, this can be a work colleague, employer or former tutor. When choosing who to utilise as a professional reference, focus on individuals who have insight into your work ethic, work style, skills, strengths, and achievements.

What makes a medical student stand out?
Overall, your application should paint a clear picture to the admissions team of what makes you suitable for the programme, and why a certain course is the next step in your academic journey. Use this opportunity to highlight specific aspects that interest you and how those opportunities will empower you to become a better healthcare professional for your field.

Good luck with your application! We hope you have found this useful. If you need any assistance, or for more information on the evidence we accept, please get in touch with the team. You can contact our admissions team at admissions@learna.ac.uk, or book a call for a time that suits you.