What’s different about learning at Diploma MSc?


We’re different, but that makes us better.

Yes, we’re online (proven to give better results than campus based). But there’s something else which makes us stand out from the crowd: It’s called Andragogic learning.

It’s not lectures, where you sit back in your chair and try to stay awake…

It’s not rote-based learning, with its endless repetitions…

And it’s not just you on your own with a computer.

Bored student doctors sleeping and looking at phones

It’s an intensive, group-learning experience which takes at least 16 hours a week – and maybe more.

You’ll be tutored by expert practitioners of your specialty, from all over the world. They’re currently in work and have hands on practical knowledge.

Smiling doctor

You’ll learn in a group of around 15 students. While some research and studying is done on your own, you’ll also apply your own critical analysis to the materials and then join the discussion group to debate, discuss and learn from the other students.

And because our groups are multidisciplinary, you may be learning from and with your fellow doctors, nurses, pharmacists, paramedics and many other healthcare professionals, giving you a broader educational experience.

Multidisciplinary Health Professionals

It might be tougher than normal study, but our students describe it as both “addictive2” and “life-changing3”. And our courses have a 92% satisfaction rate!

Not everyone has it in them to commit to this level of effort, but if you want a postgraduate qualification in just one year, while continuing to work, these are the courses for you.

Interested in studying one of our online healthcare courses? You can browse our full subject list here.

  • https://www.nachi.org/documents/US-Department-of-Education-Online-Education-Report.pdf
  • Abigail Maisley, Diabetes Specialist Nurse
  • Mary Joyce, Endocrinology Ward Manager, who studied a Postgraduate Diploma in Endocrinology with us