5 Reasons we need leadership in healthcare


The world is still in distress as hospitals everywhere continue to battle through the COVID-19 pandemic, whilst facing another challenge in the recent rise of Monkey Pox infections, and increasing mental health figures. With budgets depleted and staff shortages, now, more than ever, we are desperate for confident and outstanding healthcare leaders to take the helm and steer us out of a healthcare crisis.

Developing strong leadership skills specifically focused on healthcare settings will enable you to become a role model, inspire confidence in your team, and formalise your experience – all of which will ultimately benefit your career.

How do you demonstrate Leadership in Healthcare?

1. Formalise your experience

As healthcare professionals, you are likely to already possess many of the skills that make a good leader. Having to work with and care for people from all walks of life, you’ve cultivated an immense amount of empathy, patience, and communication skills. The COVID-19 pandemic, in particular, will have, in various ways, tested your limits and ability to remain calm in tumultuous situations. Something that can prove invaluable when leading a medical team through unprecedented circumstances.

2. Inspire confidence

The best kinds of leaders are the ones who inspire. What the healthcare industry needs are people who are confident and aren’t afraid to put themselves “out there” in times of crisis. Sharing tough times together as a team will allow everyone to pull through stronger.

The Leadership in Healthcare PgDip and MSc will equip you with conceptual skills like organisation leadership that you can put into practice in the workplace, turning the theory into real-life improvements in the organisation, building team morale, and inspiring confidence.

3. Promote change within the healthcare sector

Nurses are the frontline workers in the healthcare sector and are responsible for providing care and treatment to patients at a primary level. Nurses are also responsible for educating and advising patients on how to take care of themselves. Leadership and management in nursing are a crucial part of the healthcare sector, and leading a team of healthcare professionals enables you to enact change within this subdivision.
Healthcare is a rapidly changing field with new technologies being introduced every day, which is why nurses need to be able to adapt quickly. This is where leadership comes in. Leadership skills help nurses manage change in the workplace, which can be difficult at times due to their busy schedules.

4. Cultivate job satisfaction

The UK is experiencing a critical situation when it comes to nurse retention, with 18% of new nurses will change jobs or even professions within the first year after graduation. Nurses who feel satisfied in their jobs are more likely to stay in the medical field. They are more likely to be motivated and committed to their jobs and they will have better job performance when they do stay in their positions. Nurses who are dissatisfied with their jobs experience higher rates of burnout, absenteeism, and turnover than those who feel satisfied in the workplace. Undertaking a nurse management course will help you understand the needs of your staff and build strategies to develop job satisfaction and in turn a stronger job performance from your team.

5. Run your own practice

If you wish to branch out into your own practice leadership skills are going to be essential. Enrolling in leadership and management courses sets you on the right path and will enable you to develop the knowledge and understanding of running a successful team. This will not only benefit you and how you choose to run things, but when the time comes to take on staff and departmental leaders you will have the foresight into what traits you need and which candidates show the most promise.

Why study with Learna?

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