Take the next step in your career with an Executive MBA in Healthcare Management


In order to keep up with an ever-evolving world and respond to advancements, more and more professionals are understanding the value an executive MBA can bring in their need to stay on top of their game, and the advantage that developing deeper industry knowledge can bring to their careers.

There are many challenges facing the healthcare industry both public and private sector organisations. This has developed a growing need for highly skilled and knowledgeable managers that are able to address these challenges and develop the skills that are severely needed in the healthcare industry.

It has become increasingly apparent that working in the healthcare sector is not just about patient care, and building more effecient leaders through an Executive MBA in Healthcare Management could increasingly benefit this sector.

From logistics to procurement, leadership to financial management - doctors, nurses, dentists, and other healthcare professionals need to expand both their knowledge and skillset.

Have you moved into a leadership or management position, and as a healthcare professional, feel like you wish to improve your skills and insight in this area through an online course? Perhaps you want to start or grow your own practice or healthcare business?

In line with the needs of the industry, Learna is pleased to be relaunching our online Executive MBA in Healthcare Management alongside a new Postgraduate Diploma in Healthcare Management, allowing for improved patient outcomes and more skilled professionals working in the sector.

What will I study?

All of our courses are designed to the highest standard with expert healthcare professionals FOR healthcare professionals. Our online Executive MBA and postgraduate diploma is no exception and students can expect to cover a variety of exciting and relevant topics to support them in their career, such as:

  • Leadership and organisational behaviour
  • Strategic management
  • Managing change and innovation in healthcare

Meet the programme leader:

We take pride at Learna in choosing to work with world class program leaders that will deliver the best results for students. By working with experienced, knowledgeable and engaged healthcare professionals we ensure the best outcomes and satisfaction for all students on our courses. You will learn from industry experts using our world-leading online platform and gain a university and ILM accredited Executive MBA, which is recognised worldwide. Find out more about the programme leader Dr Clare Holt and her experience on our Executive MBA in Healthcare Management webpage.

About our courses:

The distant learning programme, as with all of our courses, is online only and completely flexible around your other life and work commitments. Our self-directed learning platform means no lectures, no seminars, and complete flexibility. You can study part time anywhere, anytime meaning you can fit your qualification around your schedule with no need to quit your job.

Connect with mulitidsciplanary peers around the world and gain insight into buisness models globally.

With competitive prices and an option to pay in interest-free installments, we are on a mission to improve healthcare worldwide through accessible and affordable education.

Ready to learn more:

If you are ready to advance your career and deliver an elevated insight into the healthcare sector, now might be the perfect time to think about undertaking an Executive MBA or Postgraduate Diploma in Healthcare Management with Learna.