Why choose endocrinology?


If you’re interested in specialising in endocrinology, this blog will provide you with everything you need to know, from the responsibilities of an endocrinologist to why you should choose to study endocrinology and our world-leading online Endocrinology Postgraduate Diploma.

Responsibilities Of An Endocrinologist

Many endocrinologists are involved in basic, clinical and translational research to gain a better understanding of endocrine diseases, which subsequently leads to better treatment options.

Some endocrinologists treat a range of endocrine disorders, while others choose to specialise in a single area, such as diabetes, infertility or endocrine oncology. Endocrinologists work across all age groups and are employed in various health care settings, such as inpatient hospital units or departments or ambulatory centers. Some endocrinology nurses also specialise as a paediatric endocrinology nurse.

Why You Should Choose A Career In Endocrinology

A career in endocrinology is incredibly rewarding. Unlike some other specialties, clinical endocrinology is a multi-systemic specialty and affects a range of different organs and by understanding hormones better, you can make a great impact on patients’ quality of life.

With more and more people struggling with issues related to the endocrine system, there is high demand for this specialisation. This brings with it excellent career opportunities for anyone considering this area of study.

The future of endocrinology is exciting as more research is focussing on deepening the understanding of the physiology of the endocrine system. This can help shift the current management of endocrine conditions. Whereas currently lifelong symptom management is used in diseases such as hypothyroidism and type I diabetes, the future holds prospects of cure, negating the need for continuous treatment.

In addition to this, the practice of endocrinology appears to be good for the state of mind, according to a new survey that places endocrinologists at the top of a scale of medical specialties in terms of happiness outside of work (both before and during the COVID-19 pandemic).

If you are interested in improving your knowledge in the subject and progressing your career, then find out more information on our Endocrinology Postgraduate Diploma here.

Studying Endocrinology at Learna

Learna is a world-leading online learning platform with over 10 years’ experience delivering online courses and giving students access to flexible, affordable distance learning in partnership with world-leading educators.

With a short supply of interactive online courses in endocrinology, many endocrine nurses who are keen to obtain a qualification in this field face limited opportunities. Our online programme however, provides excellent and in depth theoretical knowledge on the key aspects of endocrinology which are very useful for nurses who are keen to advance their knowledge, skills and career.

This practical and clinically-focused diploma in endocrinology online course is designed to be relevant to all health professionals who have exposure to people with endocrine related disorders. It is particularly relevant to specialist registrars, endocrine nurses and those primary care physicians with a specialist interest in endocrinology.

What Are The Benefits of Studying Endocrinology At Learna?

Flexible Learning
Our postgraduate online course is incredibly flexible, allowing students to further their education with minimal impact on their current lifestyle. Students are given the freedom to study at their own convenience, which means they can learn anytime and anywhere.

Sherwin Criseno graduated from the online Endocrinology MSc course in 2017 and chatted to us about how he balanced his profession and studies, and how the programme helped advance his professional career as a senior endocrinologist nurse:

“Being on an online course made it really manageable due to the flexibility it gives with regard to accessing the course and taking part in the interactive learning. I was able to access the course and take part in the online discussions during my free time including weekends and outside my normal working hours.”

Student Success Rates
From 2016-2021 the average results our students achieved was a score of 68 (merit qualification), with overall student feedback seeing an 89% student satisfaction rate. To hear what our past students are saying, take a look at our excellent Trustpilot reviews here.

Student success doesn’t stop there - 40% of our alumni report an increase in salary 2 years after studying with us.

In 2019, just 2 years after graduating, Sherwin was appointed chair of the European Society of Endocrinology Nurse Committee - an impressive achievement. It is safe to say that completing the MSc in Endocrinology was one of the fundamental aspects for him excelling in his career.

World-Leading Tutors
Being totally online means we can select the very best tutors and resource editors from around the world, no matter where they’re located. We are proud to provide a collaborative multidisciplinary experience for our students and ultimately create a unique insight into healthcare systems globally, expanding their knowledge even further.

Our tutors are highly motivated experts and leaders in their own field, inspiring our students to strive for brilliance, with many students setting up their own service after completing the course.

Increased Knowledge Of Endocrinology
This course is ideal for nurses looking to extend their knowledge on the core aspects of endocrinology. When speaking with Sherwin, we touched on the fact that specialist nurses are keen to obtain a qualification in endocrinology but there is a short supply of interactive online courses in this area.

As a response to this, he said: “for endocrine nurses, there are limited options of academic courses which will specifically enable them to gain expertise in endocrinology. However, this course provides excellent and in depth theoretical knowledge on the key aspects of endocrinology which are very useful for nurses who are keen to advance their knowledge and skills”.

How Will I Learn?

Our courses are conducted entirely online through self-directed distance learning. You’ll receive guidance throughout your course with tutor-stimulated academic discussions, which are based on clinically-rich case scenarios. These usually occur within groups of 10-20 students, allowing you to clearly communicate with both your tutor and fellow students.


Our online Endocrinology Postgraduate Diploma allows you to study for just one calendar year and is a part-time, distance-learning course. The course is worth 120 credits and comprises six modules of 20 credits, each running over a period of six weeks.

You can find details of all six modules here.

On completion of the diploma in our endocrinology online course, students will have:

  • A greater confidence and understanding of the management of patients with endocrine disorders through case studies and discussion.
  • Improved critical analysis of published data and data interpretation.