They wanted me to succeed as much as I did


Manjit Dol, Postgraduate Diploma in Obesity and Weight Management (UK)

Having successfully completed the Diploma MSc Postgraduate Diploma in Obesity and Weight Management, a smile was permanent fixture on Manjit Dol’s face at Graduation.

“It was fantastic. I really enjoyed it. The online Student Support Team were absolutely brilliant. And once you get used to Moodle it’s invaluable.”

Unlike the rest of the students in his group, Manjit isn’t a doctor. Yet: “I have my own business offering personal training and life coaching, and I took the course as it will help me to diversify my business into the wellbeing sector. Being the only non-doctor was a little daunting at first as a lot of the modules are clinically based but I rose to the challenge and now I’m determined to complete the MSc and then a PhD.”

‘Learning online made getting the qualification possible’

Based in Swindon, Manjit found being able to complete his postgraduate diploma online a real benefit: “I work 12-hour shifts, 6 days a week, and with 7-year-old twins, I already had a lot to juggle; adding studying to the equation was an even bigger challenge. Had I had to physically go to a university, at set times, I wouldn’t have been able to get the qualification. Being able to study online and fit it around my other commitments was just perfect for me.”

Manjit initially had concerns that, as he was dedicating Sunday to his studies, any questions might not be answered in a timely manner, as it was the weekend. But he needn’t have worried: “Tutors and the support team are so quick to get back to you when you have a question. They couldn’t have done more to help. I got the impression they wanted me to succeed as much as I did!”