Student stories | Transform Your Career: Inspiring Success Stories from Learna's Respiratory Medicine Graduates


At Learna, we take immense pride in the achievements of our students and the milestones they reach following their completion of our postgraduate programmes. We are delighted to have a distinguished global alumni community and take great joy in their educational journey and the ways they have used their qualifications for both career advancement and personal growth.

In this exciting blog series, we are catching up with graduates from a range of our programmes to share their inspiring stories of success. This week, we are delighted to feature our Respiratory MSc graduate, Kirsty Eastwood, who has now become an exceptional tutor on this very course!

Meet Kirsty Eastwood: From MSc Respiratory Student to Tutor

“I have been a qualified nurse for 10 years and a Respiratory Clinical Nurse Specialist for 5 years based in Singleton Hospital Swansea. I did not imagine I would undertake further study after completing my nursing degree.

However, I soon discovered within my specialist role, there is such a vast amount of knowledge required; I felt it was time to develop my understanding and expertise in this particular speciality.

The prospect of undertaking an MSc felt like a monumental task and I was unsure whether I would be able to achieve this goal with working full time, and having a family.”

The Appeal of Learna | Diploma MSc: Flexibility and Self-Directed Learning

“That is why Learna | Diploma MSc was so appealing. The flexibility of distance learning meant that I was able to balance my work and personal life whilst progressing through the course. Not only that, but I find self-directed study applies to the role considerably as you develop being autonomous practitioners.

Like everything in life worth having, it was not an easy achievement. It took a considerable amount of commitment and hard work. However, I made the MSc a priority and I have no regrets.

I found in the first year during the postgraduate diploma my confidence within my role grew as the course progressed. I finally felt established in my role as a specialist nurse and improved my clinical practice for my patients.

I would never have had the confidence to do this without this course.

Two years later and I have completed the MSc in Respiratory Medicine, advanced to a senior member of the respiratory CNS team and I have been lucky enough to become a tutor myself working alongside Learna.

The sense of achievement I felt and still feel completing this course is unsurmountable.

If you are thinking of taking the course I would highly recommend it if you feel you need to build your confidence and enhance your knowledge.

My only advice would be to give it everything you have and enjoy the experience. You will gain so much by investing fully into it.”

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One of the standout advantages of choosing us as your educational partner is the autonomy you gain over your learning journey. With no fixed lectures or seminars, you have the flexibility to take charge of your studies.

You can actively engage in our academic community at a time that aligns with your schedule and balance your professional and personal commitments while pursuing your studies. Just like Kirsty, our students appreciate the convenience and flexibility of our programmes.

Flexibility in education is not the only hallmark of our programmes; they are also cost-effective and time-efficient. We offer some of the quickest completion times for courses of this nature. With Learna | Diploma MSc, you can earn your Respiratory Postgraduate Diploma in as little as one calendar year and obtain a master's degree within two calendar years.

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You also join a global network of healthcare professionals from diverse disciplines. This network, as Kirsty highlights, enriches your perspective and equips you to enhance your practice.

Don't miss the chance to apply today via our course pages and join Kirsty, alongside thousands of fellow healthcare professionals who have placed their trust in Learna | Diploma MSc to propel them to the next stage of their careers.