Upskilling your managers – why fund employees to do an MBA?


Sponsoring an employee to undertake an Executive MBA is not just an investment in them – it is an investment in your company’s future.

Finding and recruiting talent from outside your organisation is expensive. The key to strategic capacity is in growing and nurturing your own talent, by upskilling your managers and other existing high performers, you provide them with cross-functional knowledge that enables them to excel in their current role and move into their next.

By demonstrating a willingness to invest in your employee’s future, you encourage them to stay with your organisation for the long-term. You receive the benefit of a loyal, highly-trained employee that’s now equipped with the knowledge of new management techniques and strategies and who is capable of generating new ideas and creating new ways of doing business.

What does it cost?

Traditionally, sponsoring an employee through an MBA has been a massive investment with programmes from big name Universities costing upwards of £50,000. In today’s economic climate, and with budgets being slashed left right and centre, upskilling managers in this way is just not going to be something that even large organisations will take lightly.

But it doesn’t have to be the way.

Learna provides University validated, ILM accredited Executive MBA programmes at just £7,500.

This is the lowest costing Executive MBA on the market and, furthermore, the course fee can be paid in interest-free instalments, should that be required.

How we're able to offer an Executive MBA at such a low cost?

Firstly we don’t have a campus – our courses are entirely online. Not only does this mean our overheads are low, it also means our students study flexibly around their work and life commitments.

Through 10 years of providing online postgraduate education to professionals we have streamlined our processes to ensure our ability to offer the highest quality education at reasonable prices.

How it works

Our world-leading online learning platform and andragogical teaching methods mean our students take part in self-directed, scenario-based learning.

This is in stark contrast to the approach of many traditional universities which have hastily recorded lectures, uploaded them, and simply replicated their face-to-face learning online.

Our teaching is not lecture or tutorial-based and never has been. Students on our programmes research, discuss, collaborate and innovate – skills which will be transferred directly back to the workplace.

By taking part in an Executive MBA programme, your employee will learn skills, principles, and best practices that they can take from our academic forum and apply these to their day-to-day business operations.

Furthermore, the Kapstone project will be tied directly to your organisation and industry. This allows your employees to work on strategic initiatives to move your organization forward, while earning their EMBA.

Students will also receive the input from their fellow participants, all of whom are experienced business professionals, as well as getting advice from our expert tutors who are leaders in their fields.

Next Steps

If you are looking to discuss opportunities to work with Learna to upskill your managers in the healthcare field through our Executive MBA in Healthcare programme please get in touch.